Reporting Misconduct

We believe that safeguarding is a shared responsibility, and your voice matters. If you, as a participant, employee, volunteer, partner, consultant, or contractor, suffer/witness/suspect misconduct (fraud, corruption, sexual, HR-related wrongdoing, or any type of harassment), we encourage you to speak up without fear of reprisals. Your vigilance is vital in maintaining a secure environment.

Note that in cases of actual or imminent physical risk, please contact immediately your local authorities for assistance.

Your safety is non-negotiable, and we are committed to addressing all concerns promptly and responsibly. Depending on the perpetrator please choose the right method for reporting it:

  1. If the perpetrator is related to an ongoing project in your country, please contact your local organisation. These are their websites:
  2. If actions are not followed up as expected on step 1, or the perpetrator belongs to the HCA-II Global Team or Ecorys, send an email to [email protected] explaining your concerns. We will get to you within three working days.
  3. If actions are not followed up as expected on step 2, please raise the issue with Fondation Botnar directly on this link.

Rest assured that your identity will be protected, and you will not face victimisation or dismissal for reporting.

Speak up, report misconduct!