Resilient City for Adolescents

Project Overview

Lead Partner
Global Media Foundation (GLOMEF)
Project Start
Project End

Consortium Partners

Indigenous Women Empowerment Network
Citizens Watch Ghana
Catholic University College of Ghana, Fiapre
The Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT (AITI-KACE)
National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI)
Sunyani Municipal Assembly

Local context

Sunyani is one of the fastest-growing intermediary cities in Ghana but has not been matched by an equal growth in infrastructure and other social services for young people.

Adolescents in Sunyani are a distinct population with specific needs amidst differing cultural dynamics. When adolescents participate in decision-making, they can ensure that policy and programming reflect their needs. However, this engagement has not happened in Sunyani.

There is a need, therefore, for the city to empower adolescents by increasing their capacities and decision-making power and by advancing their rights and general health and wellbeing.

About the project

Resilient City for Adolescents aims to ensure adolescents are empowered to become active citizens. The project adopts a three-pronged approach in regard to social, political and economic empowerment. This involves:

  • identifying and addressing adolescents’ needs, both social and economic;
  • increasing adolescents’ inclusion and participation in city-level planning and development; and
  • ensuring sustainable access to quality services targeting education, health, security, job creation and the environment.

The project’s main goal is to create a resilient city system. This means aligning city planning and policy that promote healthy cities for adolescents. Adolescents will play an active role, getting involved at the various levels of city planning, health sector planning, education, and employment and review processes. This will strengthen public services to meet a minimum standard of quality for adolescents in Sunyani.

Key interventions

Project interventions will address the top priorities of adolescents in Sunyani:

  • Improving access to good-quality and affordable healthcare, education and other social services to help reduce the negative impact of smoking, drug abuse and mental health problems.
  • Creating more job opportunities for young people that promote fairness and give adolescents the chance to learn and contribute to society.
  • Involving adolescents in city planning and development areas such as security, healthcare, housing planning and education.
  • Increasing knowledge on, and use of, innovative technology to advocate on behalf of teenagers. The project is creating an online platform where young people can monitor, interact, learn and share information about challenges and positive changes in their city. The goal is to promote advocacy and bring about transformative changes that support the development and wellbeing of Sunyani’s adolescents.

Project consortium and partnerships

The project consortium is led by Global Media Foundation, a Sunyani-based media advocacy organisation promoting human rights and social justice in Ghana. The consortium comprises:

  • Citizens Watch Ghana – a local NGO specialising in governance and accountability;
  • education and Information, Communication and Technology institutions; and
  • public- and private-sector entities critical to city planning and development, including the Sunyani Municipal Assembly and the National Board for Small Scale Industries.

Partners will work together to encourage youth participation and create direct networking opportunities.